Usage of Oil Seal

Date:Sep 05, 2020

BRP Can-am Oil SealCan-am Oil Seal 34*52*8

Engine: Crankshaft--Crankshaft front and rear oil seal valves--valve oil seals (engine repair kit o-rings) (distributor oil seal, water pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, oil pump oil seal...); Camshaft--camshaft oil seal ; Transmission: transmission--transmission front and rear oil seals, shift lever oil seals (transmission repair kit o-ring) (transfer case--transfer case front and rear oil seals); rear axle: half shaft--rear half shaft oil seal poor Speed gear-(front) rear angle vector oil seal, rear wheel oil seal, front wheel oil seal, steering oil seal (steering gear repair kit o-ring), steering booster oil seal (front axle oil seal).

All parts that have liquid lubricating oil in the running body box and are connected to the outside need oil seals. Some are rubber, some are metal, most are steel-bonded rubber, such as crankshaft rear oil seal, front and rear oil seals of gearbox, left and right half shaft oil seals, front oil seal of final drive, air compressor crankshaft oil seal, etc.

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