The engine belt is changed for 100,000 kilometers?

Date:Sep 09, 2020

If you see that the belt is fluffy, you must change it immediately, because the fluffed belt may be wrapped around the car guide wheel around the column during the rotation, and it will spin after being entangled, and then it will cause the belt to vibrate and affect Driving, so the specific belt should not be changed. We need to observe the detailed performance of the belt, not when it comes to how many years and how many kilometers we have driven, we need to change it in advance through observation.

A friend inspected the vehicle and found that the belt had filaments curled up. But I didn't think it was a big deal, so I didn't change it, after a while. Found that the engine malfunction light was on, stepped aside and opened the hood to take a look. The belts were all wound on the booster pump and the water pump did not turn. The booster pump does not turn, nor the motor.

And if there is a belt problem on the road, we personally often cannot change it. Tools are needed, which means that we should always pay attention to observe and check whether there are cracks on the inside of the belt. Just like tires, it does not mean that new tires do not need to be inspected. New tires may also be strapped, which cannot be guaranteed by time.

In fact, generally speaking, a belt like this. 100,000 kilometers is fine, and damage to your tensioner cannot be ruled out. As a result, the belt is not working well, which will also increase the wear of the belt.


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