The characteristics of the filter element

Date:Oct 13, 2020

CF 500cc Air Filter Element

· Outstanding chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acids, strong alkalis and organic solvents

· The filter membrane is a pleated deep-layer filtration with a large membrane filtration area

· Low pressure difference, strong dirt holding capacity and long service life

· There is a wide range of filter precision options

·Purify the air: filter out the smallest impurity particles while meeting the air intake to protect the engine;

Reduce noise: effectively reduce the noise when the engine sucks in air;

·Save fuel: can save 10% of fuel;

·Scope of application: vacuum coating, machinery, CD-ROM, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, paper, food, medicine, electronics, electricity, ceramics, water diversion, printing and dyeing, sugar, refrigeration equipment and other fields.

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