The advantages and disadvantages of CVT

Date:Aug 08, 2020

Polaris 800 cc Secondary clutchPolaris Sportsman 800 6x6 secondary clutch

1. Since there is no transmission gear of the general automatic transmission gearbox, there is no gear shift process of the automatic transmission gearbox, and the shift frustration caused by this will disappear. Therefore, the power output of the CVT gearbox is linear. Yes, it is very smooth in actual driving.

2. The CVT transmission system can theoretically have unlimited gears, and the gear setting is more free. The gear ratio, speed ratio and balance of performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in the traditional transmission system are all easier to achieve.

3. The mechanical efficiency and fuel economy of CVT transmission are much better than ordinary automatic transmission gearboxes, second only to manual transmission gearboxes, and the fuel economy is much better.

4. Compared with traditional automatic gearboxes, its cost is slightly higher; and if it is not operated properly, the probability of problems is higher.

5. The CVT gearbox itself has its shortcomings, that is, the power that the steel belt can withstand is limited. However, with the advancement of technology, the problem of the steel belt's ability to withstand is being solved, and soon we can see that the large displacement is high. Torque models will be equipped with CVT gearboxes. 

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