Taboos of riding an ATV

Date:Jan 07, 2020

1. There is no safety protection equipment when riding an ATV. The essentials for driving an ATV are helmets, boots and long-sleeved trousers and shirts, goggles, body armor (chest protectors), and gloves. To prevent injuries from falling on the ground, at least the peep is to be worn.

2. Ride an ATV that does not meet your height. If the ATV player rides an ATV that does not meet his height, although he feels elegant, it is not safe. He will roll over when driving fast, encounter obstacles and cannot see the road conditions Causes danger. 

3. In order to play cool, raise the head of the ATV, generally players see a lot of cool people in the game video to raise the head of the ATV, experts recommend not to do this, because this is too dangerous, it is easy to appear if you are not a professional player Dangerous, not to mention professional mistakes. 

4. Take the child on an ATV. Leaving aside the p    roblem of overload, many beach buggies can only take one person. Those who can do two people only have different loads, and many people cannot be children, because children cannot respond quickly when danger comes.


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