Structure and principle of Shift Straight Rod

Date:May 30, 2020


Automobile steering rod is mainly composed of: ball joint assembly, nut, rod assembly, left telescopic rubber sleeve, right telescopic rubber sleeve, self-tightening spring, etc.

Steering lever

The structure of the steering straight rod is mainly of two kinds: one has the ability to mitigate the reverse impact, and the other does not have this ability, as shown in Figure 2. In order to mitigate the reverse impact, a compression spring is provided at the straight pull rod head, and the spring axis is consistent with the straight pull rod in the opposite direction. The gap between the bowls due to wear. For the second structure, the priority is the rigidity of the connection rather than the ability to mitigate the impact, as shown in figure b) below, the structure is characterized by the axis of the compression spring located under the ball stud and the direction of the ball stud Compared with the former, the force of the compression spring is improved, which is only used to eliminate the gap caused by the wear of the spherical surface.

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