Some cleaning methods and techniques for motorcycles

Date:Oct 12, 2019

Washing the car outside, if you don't get it, it will cause the motorcycle's outer casing or various lines to malfunction.

Then, when cleaning, you can't immediately clean the car you just used. You must cool the hot car and wash it again.

The engine of the motorcycle is still hot after the car is used. Suddenly, the engine and the exhaust pipe are flushed with cold water. The damage to the motorcycle is particularly large. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction is clear, and many engines will be destroyed. Parts that cause oil spills or other problems.

When washing a car, we should use something to block the exhaust port, reduce the water into the exhaust port, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the battery and other powered parts to enter the water when cleaning.

Motorcycles have a lot of corners. We should clean them carefully with a brush so that all the stains inside can be cleaned.

Finally, our car is cleaned. The motorcycle is different from the car. Its size is not big. We should wipe the motorcycle clean with a dry cloth. The main purpose of wiping the motorcycle is to wipe it inside, such as a motorcycle. Brake engine appearance, etc., after the wipe is finished, we can start the car.

The motorcycle that has just been washed should not be worn first. We let the car run for about five minutes. This is mainly to dry the water in the exhaust port to ensure the safety of the car, and then we can ride.

However, it is best to put the motorcycle in a cool and ventilated place for a few minutes, let it dry naturally, do not expose the motorcycle to the sun, because our motorcycle is also burning gasoline, exposure to the sun is prone to danger.

These are the skills of motorcycles when cleaning. We can understand that these are also very helpful for us to maintain motorcycles.

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