Sherp Gets One Step Closer to North America Thanks to ARGO

Date:Nov 30, 2020

The ARGO Commercial Series will now include four new XTV models arriving Jan. 4: the ARGO Sherp Pro, ARGO Sherp Pro XT, ARGO Sherp Ark XTX and the ARGO Sherp Ark XTZ. All are built for the rugged demands of commercial operators, with extra power and capacity, greater versatility, maximized quality and safety. SHERP has done a phenomenal job in giving commercial customers an extreme terrain product, and the new ARGO Sherp positions perfectly as the next step from our ARGO Conquest Pro Series, Darling added.

Yaroslav Prygara, CEO of SHERP International, added, “The addition of ARGO’s dealer network, infrastructure, and the strength of their entire team will enable us to provide greater service and support to our commercial customers as well as strengthen and elevate the ARGO Sherp brand across all of North America.”

In addition to expanding the commercial product line, ARGO has restructured it business model to create a dedicated commercial and robotics team. This new team will be responsible for the professional XTV product line, which now includes the Conquest Pro Series and the new SHERP vehicles. This team will also have responsibility for our Xtreme Terrain Robotics (XTRs) products. Whether manned or unmanned, ARGO has a full lineup of commercial, industrial and military-ready products.


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