Several determinants of oil change cycle of ATV

Date:May 29, 2020

Although the fuel consumption of ATVs has a baseline parameter determined by the plant, it is not comparable in most cases in actual use, and it may even exceed a deviation value of about 30%. In fact, this is not the responsibility of the merchant or manufacturer. There are many determinants of fuel consumption in the use of ATVs. Different usage methods and environments will have an impact on fuel consumption standards. Therefore, most players should pay attention to the following fuel consumption factors when using ATVs to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. Extend the service life of ATVs.

Several determinants of oil change cycle of ATV

1. Fuel type. Generally speaking, the common all-terrain vehicles on the market today are two-stroke engines, which mainly use a mixture of engine oil and gasoline. If the engine is used at full power, it will generate a lot of fuel consumption, and the loss of the engine It is also very large, so players try to avoid using ATVs at full power, especially in complex terrains.

2. The operating temperature of the engine. If the engine is in a high output state for a long time, it is difficult for the cooling system to cool the engine in time. The engine in this state will generate a lot of fuel consumption. At this time, the engine should be temporarily stopped and used after a period of cooling;

3. The vehicle load status, the load of the ATV also has a great impact on fuel consumption. If the load is too large, the power consumption of the engine is higher, and the fuel consumption is naturally higher;

4. Terrain and weather conditions, which are the external factors affecting the fuel consumption index of ATVs. Of course, from the characteristics of ATVs, they can only be driven on non-public roads, so the terrain has relatively little impact, as long as the player is Driving an all-terrain vehicle to climb a steep slope of seventy to eighty degrees, or driving for a long time in a rock pile, generally does not cause additional fuel consumption. The weather impact mainly depends on some sudden weather changes, such as heavy rain or headwinds, which requires the player to temporarily deal with it.

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