Rearview mirror anti-glare

Date:Dec 15, 2020

cf moto 800 rear view mirrorcf 800 right rear view mirror

When irradiated by the headlights of the car behind, the reflected light from the rearview mirror enters the driver's eyes, which is likely to cause dazzling. Therefore, the anti-glare inner rearview mirror has been developed. Anti-glare inner rearview mirrors can be roughly divided into two types:

(1) Low-cost and mainstream internal rearview mirrors with wedge-shaped cross-sections;

(2) From the point of view of functional effectiveness, an internal rear-view mirror that uses electronically controlled color light-emitting elements or liquid crystal elements is used only for necessary scenes.

The anti-glare electric rearview mirror is composed of a special electrochemical layer mirror, two photoelectric sensors and an electronic controller. The electronic controller receives the light intensity signal transmitted by the photodiode. If the light of the rear car is stronger than the light of the front car, the electronic controller will output a voltage to the mirror surface to change the color of the mirror surface electrochemical layer. The higher the voltage, the greater the color change of the electrochemical layer. After the color of the electrochemical layer is changed, the light reflected by the electric rearview mirror to the driver's eyes is significantly weakened, which not only does not affect the driver's vision, but also improves the comfort and safety of driving the vehicle.


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