Precautions for installing piston rings

Date:Feb 25, 2020

Pay attention when installing the piston ring

1) The piston ring is inserted into the cylinder liner, and there must be a certain opening clearance at the interface.

2) The piston ring should be installed on the piston. In the ring groove, there must be a certain edge clearance in the height direction.

3) The chrome plated ring should be installed in the first line, and the opening should not face the direction of the vortex pit on the top of the piston.

4) The piston ring openings are staggered at 120 ° C from each other and are not allowed to face the piston pin holes.

5) Piston ring with conical section, the conical surface should be upward when installing.

6) Generally, when installing the torsion ring, the chamfer or cut groove should be upward; when installing the anti-torsion ring with tapered surface, keep the tapered side up.

7) When installing the combination ring, first install the axial lining ring, and then install the flat ring and wave ring. A flat ring is installed on the top and bottom of the wave ring, and the ring openings should be staggered from each other.

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