Date:Mar 23, 2021

CF188 500 O Ring

The O-ring has excellent sealing performance and high working life. The working life of dynamic pressure seal is 5-10 times longer than that of conventional rubber sealing products, up to tens of times, and it can have the same life as the sealing matrix under certain conditions.

O-ring friction resistance is small, dynamic and static friction forces are equal, which is 1/2-1/4 of the friction force of the "0"-shaped rubber ring, which can eliminate the "crawling" phenomenon of movement at low speed and low pressure.

The O-ring is highly wear-resistant, and has an automatic elastic compensation function after the sealing surface is worn.


Good self-lubricating performance of O-ring. Can be used as an oil-free lubrication seal.

The O-ring has a simple structure and is easy to install.

O-ring working pressure: 0-300MPa; working speed: ≤15m/s; working temperature: -55-250 degrees.

Applicable medium for O-ring: hydraulic oil, gas, water, mud, crude oil, emulsion, water-glycol, acid.

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