Motorcycle tire pressure low damage

Date:Oct 10, 2019

During normal safe driving, it was found that the jumping distance of the motorcycle was significantly lower than usual, and the effect of jumping on the downhill section was also weakened, and it felt very laborious when the vehicle was implemented on the flat ground. At this time, first check whether the standard air pressure of the front, rear, left and right tires is within the normal index value. If the front and rear tire tires are not consistent or obviously insufficient, the fuel consumption will be large, and the same tire should be inspected on time.

If the inspection finds that the brake disc is seriously worn and there is a sudden deviation in driving, this will not only consume a lot of fuel, but also cause safety hazards to driving safety. It is necessary to change the new spare tire on time. It is best to equip a multi-function barometer with a tire to test the tire pressure standard before preparing for long-distance driving.

Insufficient tire pressure standards are also the root cause of the initial damage of the tires. According to the motorcycle tire repair data, it is found that nearly 90% of the tires are worn out at the beginning, which means that the tire pressure standard is not enough.

Insufficient tire pressure standards will generate a lot of heat in long-distance driving. When the generated heat exceeds the dissipated heat energy, it is most likely to cause tire puncture, which will hurt safe driving.

Insufficient tire pressure standards not only hurt safe driving safety, but also reduce the actual life of the tires by 20% to 40%. When inflating the tires, you should use the maximum air pressure indicated on the side of the tires, and do not use the maximum air pressure indicated on the motorcycle's instructions. This will ensure the best wear resistance of the tires. Long use period.

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