Motorcycle crankshaft works

Date:Oct 01, 2019

The crankshaft of a motorcycle is a spark plug that ignites the gasoline in the engine. The gasoline combustion works to push down the live race, then drive the crankshaft to rotate, and also depends on the inertia of the crankshaft to maintain the operation when not igniting. As soon as the engine is started, the crankshaft is always rotating, and the magneto is driven to generate electricity, which is used to charge the battery and supply power to the vehicle. If the gear is not walking, it is pinch clutch (hand clutch type) or idle speed (automatic clutch model such as pedal or curved beam). At this time, the crankshaft is still rotating. If the clutch is gripped after the gear is engaged or is idle ( The curved beam or the pedal) will not go, the resistance of the engine will increase slightly, but the impact is very small, and there is basically no difference between the engine speed and the neutral speed.

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