Motorcycle clutch maintenance and fault repair

Date:Oct 25, 2019

What are you most afraid of when riding a bicycle? Is it afraid of having a car or afraid of people coming out? Or afraid that your skills are not good? In fact, it is not, most afraid of a certain problem in the motorcycle driving process, so that you are left in the middle of the road, not in front of the village without the store, a motorcycle does not have a few dollars, the trailer has a lot of expenses. The engine itself is rarely bad, but there is a possibility that it may drag the hind legs. I think everyone has guessed the "clutch". The clutch is the power transmission mechanism of a motorcycle. If there is no serious adjustment and maintenance, it will be a big horsepower. The vehicles are just wasted on the idling.

The clutch is one of the important components of a motorcycle. Its main function is to transmit or cut off the power transmission between the engine crankshaft and the gearbox. Many friends say that their cars are getting more and more meat and lack of strength. This situation is not necessarily the reason why the engine is not burning well or the air ring is worn. If the maintenance is not timely or inappropriate, it will affect the power output of the engine. If the clutch is faulty, it may be difficult to repair it as a normal motorcycle. However, if daily maintenance is done, the probability of clutch failure will be reduced. If your clutch is a hydraulic clutch, you can ignore this directly, but most motorcycles still use the traditional cable, because it is simple, lightweight, durable, cheap and easy to operate, so even the latest public To upgrade the sports car, the cable clutch is still used.

Method for judging clutch wear:

1. Under the condition that the engine speed is constant, it is obvious that the driving speed is lower than before;

2. During driving, although the engine speed increases, the speed of the vehicle does not change significantly;

3. Support the main bracket, let the rear wheel leave the ground, hang 1 gear, keep the small throttle, slowly step on the rear brake pedal, obviously feel the rear wheel starts to brake, but the engine speed is not significantly reduced;

4. Judging by the color of the oil: When changing the oil, there is a little gray substance in the black oil, which can be judged to be clutch wear. If the clutch is ablated, the oil is in the form of a dark gray mixture;

5. Judging by the taste of the oil: the engine emits an abnormal burnt odor after overheating, or the engine oil has a noticeable burnt smell when the oil is changed.

The early wear and tear of the clutch is very important, and the following points should be noted:

1. Set the clutch operating handle correctly, and keep the free travel space of 10-20mm at the farthest end of the handle;

2. Correctly maintain the clutch cable (clean the exposed steel cable, drip the oil into the cable cavity of the cable), keep the cable rebound and rebound, and replace the new cable when the rebound fails;

3. Try to use half-clutch as little as possible;

4, Try not to accelerate or slam the clutch.

Clutch use and maintenance:

The above are some of the common sense of maintenance, we must remember it, so as to prevent being fooled by unscrupulous repair shops, but also to prevent blindly repairing when you are uncertain. The clutch is a consumable that slowly wears as you accumulate the clutch. The friction plates and steel sheets stacked in the engine are pulled through the clutch cable and touched or separated from each other. Slow wear and thin, whether you are rough or gentle to it. The maintenance manual for each car will tell you how to adjust the clutch cable clearance to ensure that the clutch is properly engaged. The so-called normal is that when you hold the clutch lever to the end, the clutch can completely cut the power, and when you release the clutch lever, the power Can be completely transferred to the rear wheel.

When you open the throttle, you will find that the speed is rising but the speed is not increasing. Conversely, when the clutch line is too loose, your free clearance will be very large, it is difficult to control the timing of the clutch release, especially in the stop and go. In the busy car array, you may also pinch your fingers.

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