Date:Dec 31, 2020

Preseason check

Before you take your machine out for the first time, do a visual check of the battery and assess the overall condition of the battery. Run through these steps to ensure that your battery is ready to roll.

Check the terminals for dirt. To clean the terminals, remove the battery from the machine and use a solution of baking soda and water. Put petroleum jelly or waterproof grease on the terminals to help prevent corrosion.

Look at the case for damage. If it has bulging sides, it is likely that it froze and has suffered permanent damage and should be replaced.

On a conventional lead acid battery, check the acid level. Fill with distilled water if necessary. Use caution when removing and replacing the caps.

Examine the exhaust tube on a lead acid battery making sure that there are no kinks or clogs.

Make sure that the cables are on tight and that there are no loose connections.

Ensure that the battery is secure on your machine.

In-season care

While you’re using your powersport machine, a little basic care will go a long way for keeping your battery in tip-top shape.

Recharge the battery after each use. This will help ensure that your machine is ready the next time you want to use it.

Keep an eye on the condition of the battery. Don’t let dirt or moisture accumulate on the terminals.

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