Introduction of Speed Sensor

Date:Jul 25, 2020

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A sensor is an original that converts changes in non-electricity (such as speed, pressure) into changes in electricity. According to the converted non-electricity, it can be divided into pressure sensors, speed sensors, temperature sensors, etc., which are measuring and controlling instruments And equipment parts and accessories.


In robot automation technology, there are many measurements of rotational speed, and linear motion speed is often measured indirectly through rotational speed. For example: a tachogenerator can convert the rotation speed into an electrical signal, which is a speed sensor. The tachometer requires a linear relationship between the output voltage and the speed, and the output voltage must be steep, with good time and temperature stability. Tachometers can generally be divided into two types: DC and AC. The excitation method of DC tachometer can be divided into two types: separate excitation and permanent magnet. The armature structure has slotted, hollow, disc printed circuit and other forms, of which slotted type is the most commonly used.

Laser speed measurement

With the rise of today's precision manufacturing industry and the need to save costs, non-contact speed sensors will gradually adopt contact speed sensors. The most commonly used non-contact laser speed sensor with higher accuracy on the market now is the ZLS-Px aberration speed sensor. The aberration speed sensor has two ports: one transmitting port, which emits the LED light source; the other is a high-speed camera port, which realizes high-speed imaging comparison of CCD area, and distinguishes the movement of the measured object by comparing the two images in a very short time. Distance, combined with the algorithm inside the sensor,

The speed of the measured object is output in real time.

The ZLS-Px aberration speed sensor can measure the speed and length in two directions at the same time. It can not only detect whether the object is stopped, but also detect the direction of movement of the object. Fix the sensor on a stable support to ensure that the rotating object will not produce excessive vibration during the rotation, so that the angle and speed of the rotating object can be measured.

Radar speed measurement

Traditional speed measurement is mostly based on rotational speed measurement and linear motion speed measurement. However, there are many irregular speed measurement in real industrial automation, such as sports speed measurement, traffic vehicle speed measurement, golf speed measurement, etc. The radar speed measurement sensor can Meet these requirements.

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