Installing Spare Fuel On Maverick

Date:Apr 02, 2020

While preparing our 2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs to pre-run the recent 51st SCORE International Baja 1000, our biggest concern was with fuel mileage. One of our sections, west of Cataviña, sent us on a long, desolate 100-plus-mile route that ran through quite a bit of deep silty terrain, a few big hill climbs, and a handful of high-speed trails. The stock Maverick X3's fuel tank is 10.5 gallons, and even if we were to get a generous 10 mpg, which is very unlikely with our heavy right foot, we'd be uncomfortable making the trek without spare fuel.

After we installed a spare tire on the Maverick's cargo bed, and mounted spare radius rods and an extra rear axle on the large horizontal cross member behind the passengers heads, we were limited on space for our goal of an extra 5 gallons of fuel. Our best option was to use the upper cross member or to shove a 5-gallon fuel jug between the navigator's feet. He had to make it difficult…


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