How to tell if the shock absorber is broken

Date:Jan 10, 2020


Shock absorbers are also consumables, and as time goes on, there will be performance degradation or loss of function. So how to judge whether the shock absorber is damaged? When the shock absorber is damaged, the following faults will occur:

1. The shock absorber leaks. The outer surface of the ordinary shock absorber is dry and clean. If the hydraulic fluid in the shock absorber leaks from the upper part of the piston rod. In this case, the shock absorber has basically failed.

2. When the vehicle passes through rough roads or speed bumps, the wheels make a "bang", indicating that the shock absorbers on the wheels are invalid.

3. When the car turns, the roll of the car body is significantly increased, and even if it is severe, it may even slip. This is mainly because the damping force of the shock absorber is too small to effectively suppress the compression of the spring.

4. After driving on the rugged road for a while, we feel the temperature of the shock absorber shell by hand. If the shock absorber case is cold, this means that the shock absorber has been damaged.

5. When the car stops, when we press a corner of the body and release it, the body will rebound under the force of the spring. If the rebound stabilizes quickly, the shock absorber is good; if the shock absorber is stopped several times, it indicates that the damping effect of the shock absorber is slightly worse.

Therefore, we need to replace the damaged shock absorbers in time, usually the coaxial shock absorbers on the two wheels need to be replaced at the same time. Because the different shock absorption effects of the two shock absorbers will cause the left and right steering handles of the vehicle and the body roll to be inconsistent, which not only affects ride comfort, but also seriously affects the vehicle's maneuverability, making the vehicle difficult to control. When changing lanes, overtaking and turning will increase driving risk. So, don't just save money, but also consider driving safety.

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