How to order and install Play Balls in your XC racing tires

Date:May 19, 2020

I have put together a nice little instructional for anyone that wants to order and install the Hedstrom Balls in you XC racing tires. They are so cheap you cannot hardly afford to not run these.

I have been using these for over 3 years now and I dont even oil them any more because oil makes them brittle and break down, so I run them dry and they they last unbelievable long.

The balls are sold in cases of 60. They are $1.25 per ball plus shipping. If you install them like i do with 20 in the rears and 10 in the front, one case will do 2 fronts and 2 rears, but you will have no spares. I just ordered 2 cases up front to have spares.

Hedstrom Phone Number is 419-282-5534, Stacy is is the contact.

Tell them to pull up Invoice # 19785. That is my order and if you just duplicte my order that is for 120 balls. That is for these Little Tikes 6" Basketballs Part # 73-8030.

I am attaching the instructions for installing....I hope this helps everyone out with low cost flat proofing. It has really helped me and all of my friends and racing buddies!


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