How to maintain ATV tires

Date:Dec 25, 2019


1. The ATV must keep the distance during high-speed driving to avoid unnecessary or frequent braking (braking). This will effectively reduce the damage to the outer tire and inner tube of the motorcycle. Pay attention to the depth of the tire pattern, because the pattern When approaching to smooth, the friction with the road will be reduced, and the braking distance will be long. Do not drive at high speed.

2. The maintenance of ATV tires also depends on the tire load. The tire load corresponds to the air pressure. If the tire load is too high, it is similar to low air pressure. This will damage the tire. If it is often overloaded, the life of the tire will be It will be less 20% -50%. The wrong loading method will make the tire load uneven, which will reduce the life of individual tires.

3. The tire inflation pressure must meet the national air pressure specified for different types and specifications of tires. If the tire pressure is too high or insufficient, it can cause cracks at the bottom of the groove, delamination of the ply, abnormal wear, and tire blasting. If the tire is driven at a high speed, the pressure should be increased by 5% -10% from the standard pressure. Later, the internal air will rise due to the temperature rise, and you cannot deflate at this time.

4. It is necessary to properly rotate the tires (inspecting the tires during the first-level maintenance and second-level maintenance of the vehicle). The tire wear must be uniform and the service life prolonged. The tire with a larger outer diameter must be installed on the outer wheel.

5. Do not use the front wheel of the tire overhaul. The front wheel adopts the vertical line pattern and the rear wheel adopts the horizontal line pattern.

6, the tire wear is at the wear mark, it is necessary to replace it, the temperature is relatively low in winter, supplement the tire air pressure, maintain the specified air pressure range, check the tire scratches, rubber tires tend to harden in autumn and winter and appear more brittle, tires tend to leak air The inclusions in the tread pattern should be cleared by the market.

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