How to judge the quality of the ATV rectifier

Date:Apr 03, 2020

The full name of the rectifier is a rectifier regulator, which is a vital part of the entire ATV charging system. It has two functions.

1. Rectification, the so-called rectification is one-way flow, because ATV has a main power source and an auxiliary power source, where the battery is the auxiliary power source, and the magnetomotor is the main power source. Under normal circumstances, the currents of these two power sources are mutually connected. Do not let the battery's current run to the generator. At this time, a unidirectional flow device is required. Under such a prerequisite, the diode plays its role. Therefore, an important component inside the rectifier regulator is the diode. .

2. Voltage stabilization, the ATV generator is only responsible for generating electricity, and does not have the function of voltage stabilization. Under this premise, as the speed increases, the voltage of the ATV generator will continue to rise. If it is not properly adjusted, Then some electrical equipment and batteries will be prematurely damaged due to the high voltage, and the rectifier regulator can regulate the voltage through some electronic tubes.

The above are the two main functions of the ATV rectifier regulator. According to its characteristics, this component can be simply understood as a one-way flow valve, but it is divided into automatic switch type and fixed value because of the different needs of the vehicle model. There are two types of rectifiers. The biggest difference between these two types of rectifiers is the different degree of intelligence, and the use effect will be different. As for which one should be selected, it should mainly depend on the current vehicle line design.

So how to check the quality of the rectifier regulator?

For maintenance personnel, the relevant information can be obtained through multimeter measurement, and for users, it can be judged based on its working characteristics.

If the electrolyte drops too quickly during the use of the vehicle, and it is easy to burn the bulb, it indicates that the voltage stabilization function of the rectifier regulator has failed.

If there is no such reaction, start the vehicle and take off the battery fuse tube. Turn on the lights to observe the brightness of the lights. If it is dim or even unable to light, it means that the rectifier regulator has been damaged. The bulb can also increase brightness, which indicates that the rectifier regulator is normal.

In addition to the above two methods, the simplest and most effective way is to find a replacement of the same model directly, and then observe the effect of use.

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