How to care for ATV shock absorbers

Date:Jan 18, 2020

The main function of the ATV shock absorber is to slow down, absorb shocks and vibrations transmitted to the wheels due to uneven road surfaces, and transmit forces and torques. It also plays an important role in the ride comfort and safety of the ATV. During maintenance, attention should be paid to The following:

1 Keep the shock absorber clean.

2 Regularly check whether the shock-absorbing spring is deformed and whether the shock absorber is exposed.

3 For hydraulic shock absorbers, they should also be checked frequently for oil leakage, check whether the shock absorber oil is sufficient, and the shock absorber oil should be replaced regularly. Generally, the shock absorber oil should be replaced once a year. Drain the old oil into the basin. In order to drain the old oil in the shock absorber, you should hold the brake grip firmly and repeatedly press the direction handle down. After the old oil is drained, line up the other side to absorb the shock. And then unscrew the compression nut on the top of the inner tube. Add kerosene or gasoline from the refueling hole to clean it, and finally add the shock absorber of the specified brand and capacity according to the instructions of the accompanying manual.

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