How to adjust the rearview mirror

Date:Mar 31, 2020

The adjustment of the rear-view mirror can not only be pursued, it is enough to look at it comfortably. It has a standard range of angles. From the cockpit, you must accurately view the rear situation through the rear-view mirror to minimize the blind area of the visual field.

I. Sitting requirements

Before adjusting the rearview mirror, we need to adjust the seat to the most comfortable position for your driving. Sit upright. This adjustment is the most correct. Do not deviate from the adjustment of the rear-view mirror.

Second, the rear-view mirror adjustment

1.Use the horizon as a reference

When adjusting the up and down angle of the rear view mirror, we better find a section of the road that is flat and use the rear horizon as a reference. The horizon can be located in the middle of the rear view mirror.

2.Use the body as a reference

Use the body as a reference when adjusting the left and right angles of the rearview mirror. When the body image occupies 1/4 of the total area of the rearview mirror lens.

Third, the right rearview mirror adjustment

There is no difference in the adjustment of the right rear-view mirror, just the same as the left. But both must be based on your correct sitting position.

Seemingly simple rear-view mirror angle adjustment, in fact, not many correct. The deviation of the angle adjustment can easily affect the driver's field of vision effect, thereby posing a great threat to driving safety. Correctly adjusting the rearview mirror is a basic skill of the old driver.

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