How to adjust the clutch clearance?

Date:Oct 28, 2019

Basically, the pull-type clutch mechanism is similar. Most of the models have a round knob (usually covered with a black plastic cover) next to the lever. You can adjust the tightness by turning this knob to free the lever. The gap adjustment is about 10-15mm. The knob adjustment is smaller. If you need more adjustment, you may need to move along the clutch cable to the clutch drive lever. You can move it. The position of this fixed seat is to achieve a larger adjustment. In some places, there will be a fixed cable holder, and the screw of the fixed seat can be adjusted to achieve a relatively large adjustment.

By adjusting the correct clutch cable clearance, in addition to allowing you to better control the output of your car's horsepower, the shifting process can be smoother and increase the life of the clutch plate. Don't underestimate this inconspicuous Pull the wire, in fact, it is the traction line of the whole car power, so that it can be properly adjusted and lubricated to ensure that your ride is safer and more fun! Finally, remind you. Oiling maintenance of the clutch. Very important. Less this maintenance link

Breaking the clutch line is something that will happen sooner or later. It is worth noting that there is a cleansing maintenance agent, such as WD-40 lubricant, you can use it for the first cleaning construction. But then you must put on a layer of more lubricious oil such as oil or chain oil.

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