How many kilometers should the timing belt and timing chain be replaced?

Date:Aug 15, 2020

timing chain (4)The car owner’s biggest concern is that the belt will break after a long time. If the belt is used for a certain period of time, the belt must be replaced, otherwise there will be problems. Also, the price is not cheap. It costs more than 1,000 to replace it. The belt, and some may even have to replace the water pump, the cost will be higher. The belt replacement cycle is three years or 60,000 kilometers. Generally, there will be no problems during this period. But once the time has passed, it will be disconnected.

timing chain (5)

The chain drive is relatively worry-free, because there is no disconnection problem, it is generally not replaced regularly, and only replaced when there is a problem. This is also the biggest advantage of chain transmission, which can reduce a lot of costs, but there are also disadvantages. After driving for a long time, the chain will be elongated, and louder noise will occur. If you want to replace the chain, the cost is better, it may cost several thousand yuan, and the tensioner of some cars will also be broken, but this is not easy. Damaged, so the chain is generally safe, but it is very complicated if there is a problem.

In general, the cost of the chain is higher than that of the belt. The chain needs to be lubricated and the chain must be sealed. This technical requirement will be very high. The belt is relatively easy and does not require too many steps. It is necessary to judge whether it is a chain or a belt. Yes, it can be seen from the appearance. The metal shell is the chain, and the plastic shell is the belt. From a long-term perspective, it is still necessary to choose chain transmission, which takes a long time and is more worry-free.

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