Fuel pump failure detection safety precautionsedit

Date:Dec 28, 2019

1.Old fuel pump

When troubleshooting the fuel pumps of vehicles that have been used for a long time, such fuel pumps cannot be tested dry. Because when the fuel pump is removed, because there is fuel remaining in the pump casing, when the electric test is conducted, once the contact between the brush and the commutator is not good, sparks will be generated to ignite the fuel in the pump casing and cause an explosion. Very serious.

2.New fuel pump

Newly replaced fuel pumps must not be tested dry. Because the oil pump motor is sealed in the pump casing, the heat generated by the current cannot be dissipated during the dry test, and the motor will be burned as soon as the armature is overheated, so the fuel pump must be immersed in the fuel for the test.

3.Other aspects

After the fuel pump leaves the fuel tank, wipe the fuel pump clean in time, avoid sparks near its placement, and follow the safety principle of "connect first, then power on".

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