Front shocks bad?

Date:Jan 14, 2021

One of the yamaha owner asked:

Just purchased a 2008 Grizzly 450. Only 160 hrs. Looks good and rides good except I have noticed the left front side is now lower than the right side by about 2 1\2 inches. Didn't see this when I was checking it out before the buy. I assume the left front shock is bad. Its about 1 inch + shorter than the right shock. Tires are OK. Is there any way to verify whats wrong? I can replace the shocks, it doesn't look too hard but is that all the problem?


Replacing the shock is dead easy - just jack the front end into the air to take the tension off of it, unbolt it top and bottom, pull it out, put the new one in.
But I'd check everything else too, make sure you nail down the problem before replacing. A bent A-arm could be compressing one side.
Maybe take them both off, swap sides, and see if the problem follows the shock.

Check the preload adjuster. What setting is it at, left vs. right?
Check the tire pressure, or just use a tape measure from the ground to the axle on both sides and compare them.
Could also be wheel bearings. Looking at the front of the machine from 20 feet away, do the wheels look straight up and down?
Inspect the A-arms. Use a straight edge and see how it looks on one side, then compare to the other. Did one side get bent?

These checks take very little time/effort, so they're worth doing.

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