Five ATV travel inspection methods

Date:Mar 13, 2020

Today, let ’s talk about how to check the condition of ATV when traveling. ATV riders are most afraid that the car on the road is broken. They leave themselves on the road without the village and the store behind. Preparation, you can complete a perfect trip, let ’s briefly introduce how to check the condition of the vehicle.


Observe the thickness of the front brake pads or the pistons to determine the wear of the brake pads. If the wear is severe, they need to be replaced. Observe the rear brakes. The longer the pistons are pushed out, the brake fluid will also decrease. If the oil drops to the bottom of the oil cup, the brake pads and brake oil need to be replaced.


In the state of flameout, dial in the neutral gear by hand to check whether the chain is smooth and whether there is any gear deformation. Check the chain tightness.

3. Motor oil

Pull out the oil dipstick to observe whether the amount of oil is normal and whether the color of the oil is too dark. If it is too dark, you need to replace the new oil. Generally, the running-in period has passed. The mineral oil can be used to change the oil once every 2,000 kilometers. Change the oil once every 3,000 kilometers.

4. Tire

Check the wear of the tire, pay attention to the depth of the tire pattern, generally not lower than 1.6 mm, whether there is abnormal wear, uneven wear, etc. If this happens, you need to check the tire air pressure, long-term air pressure is too high or too high Low will produce this situation.

5.Headlight, taillight

Finally, check the light source to check whether the headlights are working properly in the low and high beams. Check whether the taillights are normal. The taillights are very effective at night. Repair or replace in time, otherwise there are hidden dangers on the road.

In addition to the main problems mentioned above, check the ATV's water tank and air filter, whether the fuel tank is sufficient, and confirm the condition of the belt. Although there is usually no problem, whether a trip is smooth or not is It is determined by these details that you can do regular maintenance on a regular basis.

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