Close contact with Alfa Romeo Gillia

Date:May 09, 2020

For the Alfa Romeo brand, most people are not impressed with it. The GIULIA introduced to you this time is a new model of Alfa Romeo. Its main benchmark models are the BMW 3 Series standard axle and Mercedes-Benz E-class standard axle.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to another point that is different from other cars, that is, the location of the license plate, the license plate is on the side of the co-pilot.


The headlights also use triangular design elements, blending sharp elements with curves. The inside uses a hernia light source, with LED daytime running lights.

The luxury sports version is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, which has a considerable area and can be fully opened at the same time.


The side lines of the vehicle are soft, and many curve elements are used. The roof line smoothly transitions to the upturned rear. The waistline of the door is full of muscle.

Except for 200HP entry-level models equipped with 17-inch wheels, the other models are all equipped with 18-inch wheels.

The tail design combines many sharp lines and curves. The tail lamp adopts LED lamp with light source.


GIULIA's interior design emphasizes the driver as the center, so the overall control is towards the driver.

The one-button start button is in the lower left corner of its three-format sports steering wheel.

The double barrel instrument panel is also a common style for models that emphasize sports performance.


The central control area buttons are only the control buttons and knobs of the dual-zone automatic air conditioner. Audio and multimedia functions are integrated on the knob behind the bar.

From left to right, the rear of the gear lever is: driving mode knob, multimedia control knob and audio control knob.


The leather seat leather is soft, the padding is very thick, and the lumbar support plays a significant role in the curve. The headrest is embossed with LOGO.

Alfa Romeo is equipped with a 2.0T engine, even the low-power version can fully meet the urban and high-speed use.

The light weight of the body also provides a powerful help for its handling. GIULIA uses a lot of aluminum materials and even carbon fiber materials.

This engine does not pick oil, plus Canada's fifth standard No. 92 unleaded gasoline. This is good news for consumers.

Let us wait and see how Alfa Romeo Gillia will perform in the Shijiazhuang market.

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