Checking Sequence of Magneto

Date:Mar 21, 2020

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Check the rotor

Rotate the rotor shaft by hand. When the magnetic poles are reversed, the resistance first increases gradually like a compression spring, and it will suddenly rotate on its own after reaching the neutral point, but there should be no frictional stagnation during the entire rotation. If so, the bearings may be excessively worn or damaged, causing the stator and rotor to scratch each other.

Check the contacts

Open the two contacts with your hand or tool to observe, if there is dirt attached, clean it. If there is slight ablation, you can fold it in half with "0" sandpaper strips so that the two sands face outwards, and twitch between the contacts to polish. If it is severely ablated, the contacts should be removed, polished with oilstone and reinstalled, or simply replaced with new ones.

Capacitor condition

The damage rate of this capacitor is not high. If you need to check it, you can remove it, and repeatedly touch the case and the center electrode with the multimeter's high blocking position. It should be noted that the capacitor case, the clamping plate and the base are often poorly contacted due to dirt and rust, which causes the spark plug to flash slightly.

Correct adjustment

In the general instruction manual, the maximum gap of the adjusting contact is 0.3mm. For a magnet motor that has been removed from the contact mounting baseplate and improperly installed, it is not possible to adjust the contact gap only. This is because the primary current of the magneto motor ignition is different from the constant battery voltage supply of the automotive battery ignition coil. The maximum will be induced only when the magnet pole of the magneto rotor and the stator pole are in a certain position of the polarity exchange transition Only when the circuit breaker is disconnected at this time, the secondary coil will induce the strongest flashover voltage. To ensure this relationship, there is a engraved mark under the contact mounting base and the housing. However, the position of the line cannot be determined in the following situations: the bottom line is not clear, the bottom plate and the casing are not original, and the left and right-handed magnetic motors are modified by replacing the bottom plate. The following method can be used to roughly determine a certain position of the above polarity exchange transition: first loosen the two bottom plate fixing screws slightly, then turn the eccentric adjustment screw to the neutral position, slowly rotate the rotor by hand, and observe the shaft When the power-off cam is about to press the starting contact, the alternating point where the magnetic force changes from resistance to gravity is determined by the feel and is strictly fixed. At this time, observe the two contacts. If they are just slightly opened, you can tighten the two base plate fixing screws. If the two contacts are not opened or are too large, you can turn the base plate slightly to make the contacts just slightly opened and then tighten. solid. Finally, check whether the maximum opening degree meets the requirements. If the difference is too large, you can adjust the eccentric screw slightly, and then repeat the adjustment of the contact opening time, and you will get a satisfactory result. In the test, the ignition distance is generally more than 7mm.

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