Chain cleaning

Date:Jun 13, 2020


Therefore, please clean the chain regularly and fill it with oil.

In order to spray the cleaning agent in every chain, please turn the wheel slowly bit by bit and spray the cleaning agent at the same time. In order to prevent the cleaning agent from being caught outside the chain, please block it with a towel. In addition, when spraying a large amount of cleaning agent, please place the sewage basin below.

After the chain is sprayed with cleaning agent, if there is stubborn dirt, please use a brush to wash the dirt. Steel brushes will damage the chain. Do not use them. Even if you use a soft brush, it may damage the oil seal. Please use with caution. After washing the chain with a brush, please wrap the chain with a towel and wipe the chain clean.

When the maintenance work is in progress, please be careful not to get your fingers caught by the chainring when turning the wheel. Please pay more attention when spraying cleaning agent.

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