Can you play with complex terrain?

Date:Nov 04, 2020


All-terrain vehicles are technically different from other types of vehicles. First, let’s understand the down-riding type. When riding, exaggerated body movements are its characteristics. Make good use of the movement of the body's center of gravity to compensate for the excessive steering angle of the beach motorcycle. A big lack requires familiarity with the characteristics of the engine's power to make the exiting action more rapid and smooth. Sitting on a beach bike steadily will make you forget its potential dangers, but improper driving actions will indeed make it extremely easy to roll over.

        How to avoid rollover of ATVs:

   1. No matter what you are doing, don’t do two things at once, otherwise you don’t know when the danger comes.

  2. Playing an all-terrain vehicle, you can definitely not avoid going uphill. Both feet must be firmly on the pedals. After determining the gear, accelerate before climbing. When climbing at a small angle, you must slide your body to the front of the seat to move your body's center of gravity forward.

  3. When you stop on the way of climbing, quickly press and hold the front wheel brake, then press the rear wheel brake and parking brake, that is, first brake the front brake, and then the rear brake. The opposite is true when going downhill.

  4. When the slope is sharp, the center of gravity should be moved to the front as much as possible. Depending on the occasion, you must stand on the pedals and bend your body forward to move the center of gravity to the front wheels.

  5. At high speed, the basic operation is the same as turning at low speed. The difference is that in order to achieve balance and greater centrifugal force, the upper body must also move more.

  6. At low speed, cut the direction handle to the direction you want to turn, lean your upper body slightly forward, step on your feet firmly, place your weight on the outer pedals, balance your upper body, and keep the accelerator at a constant speed.

  7. Try to avoid deceleration and shifting during the climb. If you have to do this, you should do it as soon as possible when the speed is constant.

   Note: Never think that you can "hold" the car with a single brake

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