Can automotive oil be used on four-stroke motorcycles?

Date:Jun 26, 2020

four-stroke motorcycles

As a means of transportation for people to work, travel and leisure, motorcycles have entered ordinary people's homes. Because most people do not have enough knowledge about motorcycle engines and lack certain maintenance knowledge, the use of motor oil is generally more casual, and most of them are mistakenly adding car engine oil to four-stroke motorcycle engines, which brings a series of The problem. Although the four-stroke motorcycle engine and the automobile engine are both four-stroke principle structures, there are certain differences between the two, and the engine oil must not be mixed, nor can it be replaced by each other. The differences are as follows:

1. Different structure

The automobile engine is separately lubricated from the transmission and clutch. The temperature of the oil in the crankcase is about 75-90C; while the motorcycle engine includes a wet multi-plate clutch, high-speed and transmission gears, gear shifting mechanism, and piston, cylinder, inlet The exhaust valve and other moving parts are in the same structure and share the same volume of engine oil. Moreover, the rotation of the clutch friction plate and the transmission gear will generate a lot of heat. The temperature of the engine oil in the crankcase can reach 80-120℃.

Second, the cooling effect is different

 The motor engine oil capacity is about 5-7L, while the motorcycle engine's engine oil volume is only about 1L, and the engine oil can only exert its heat dissipation and other properties when it is fully flowing. The amount of oil has a great influence on the heat dissipation performance. In addition, most motorcycles are generally air-cooled. Its cooling effect is much worse than that of the car’s water tank. Even the water-cooled machine has poor heat dissipation because its water capacity is smaller than that of the car. This will inevitably lead to the temperature of motorcycle engine oil is much higher than the temperature of automobile engine oil.

Third, the oil filter is different

The oil filter of the car is relatively complete, with a coarse filter and a fine filter, and its filtering effect is excellent, but the motorcycle is very different. In order to reduce the weight and volume of the motorcycle, the oil filter is relatively simple in design, and it is not surprising that its filtering effect is poor.

Four, the size of each liter of power

The displacement power of a car is generally 60-80Kw/L, while that of a motorcycle is 100-120Kw/L, which is about 1.5 times more than that of a car, and the volume power is 2 times that of a car. The nominal speed of a car engine is usually 3000-5000r/min, while the nominal speed of a motorcycle engine is about 8000-11000r/min, which is 50% to 120% higher than that of a car. At the maximum power output, the speed of the motorcycle engine is between 10000-15000r/min, while the engine of the automobile is between 4000-5000r/min, and the maximum is not more than 6000r/min.

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