ATV UTV Maintenance knowledge No.two

Date:Nov 27, 2019

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6. Regularly check the lubrication of various parts of the ATV, such as the front, middle and rear axles, and various bearings, while extending the life of the ATV and reducing friction losses, in order to save fuel.

7. Regularly check, lubricate and adjust the transmission chain (or transmission shaft) of the ATV, keep the normal tightness and lubrication of the chain, try to maximize the power transmission of the ATV and reduce the frictional resistance of the transmission.

8. Except for long-distance vehicles or special needs, do not fill the full tank of fuel when refueling (reducing the load of ATVs), and keep the normal fuel consumption as you use.

9. The tire should maintain normal tire pressure (refer to the manual of the ATV or the value on the side of the tire) and use performance. Insufficient tire pressure will lead to increased fuel consumption; too high tire pressure will reduce tire grip, and there are tire burst Possibility; timely replacement of worn, cracked and excessively worn tires.

10. Minimize the load of trucks, reduce additional equipment, and reduce the load of ATVs. Drivers and occupants themselves must also consider the factors. The load of 50 kg and the load of 200 kg are absolutely different in terms of fuel consumption.

11. Avoid unnecessary engine idling time. The time between the start of the ATV engine and the start is as short as possible, but the engine warm-up before driving in winter is necessary.

12. Regularly check and clean the engine's heat dissipation system, such as water tank, antifreeze, oil-cooled radiator, cylinder head fins, etc., to keep the engine at normal operating temperature.

This is a routine maintenance activity that the beach buggy needs to complete on a regular basis. I hope it will be helpful to everyone

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