ATV UTV Maintenance knowledge No.one

Date:Nov 22, 2019

1. Clean or replace the air filter on time to ensure that the engine air-fuel ratio is normal. Can not be rigidly treated according to the cleaning or replacement air filter cycle indicated in your ATV maintenance manual, because the location and ATV use environment. If your ATV uses a good environment and air quality, you can extend the cycle of air filter cleaning and replacement. If your ATV is used in a harsh environment, you must always check, clean or replace the air filter (observe the cleanliness and permeability of the air filter surface). After excessive use of the air filter, the air flow is seriously reduced, resulting in a mixture ratio. Thick or abnormal and costly. Of course, you don't have to change too often unless you have a lot of money.

2. Regularly maintain the oil supply system (carburetor or electric spray), the spark plug is often clean and regularly replaced. Of course, you have to go to a professional repair shop to carry out the above cleaning and debugging, try not to blindly operate, so as not to cause human damage.


3. Replace the correct type of oil and oil filter on time and on season to reduce the friction inside the ATV engine. The correct amount of oil to fill is also a key link. Too much or too little can cause different degrees of damage to the ATV engine and damage to the engine.

4. According to the ATV compression ratio, the correct number of gasoline is selected. In principle, the engine compression ratio is greater than 10:1 and 95# gasoline is used. Otherwise, engine damage (carbon deposition) or power difference is easily caused, and fuel consumption is also increased.

5. Check the ATV fuel line for leaks or blockages, such as the fuel tank cap tightness, fuel line connection and aging, and the gasoline should not be overfilled to avoid gasoline spillage.

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