ATV starts but doesn't move fault solution

Date:Dec 12, 2019

Under normal temperature conditions (above -5℃), if the atv engine fails to start normally after 2-3 times of starting, it indicates that there is a fault, and the fault is no more than the three major elements of the circuit, oil circuit and cylinder pressure.As long as the oil line is smooth, the circuit is normal, the steam cylinder compression has a certain pressure, the engine can start, normal work.Under normal circumstances, due to cylinder non-pressure fault (mainly caused by crankcase, cylinder leakage, piston ring wear and fracture, etc.), check whether the cylinder compression is good spark plug hole, if feel a violent impact, "poof" sound, the finger is jacked open, that is good compression.Otherwise, it would be "hospital treatment") and engine failure is rare. A large number of faults are in the electrical system, followed by the oil circuit. Therefore, as long as we grasp this principle and try to adopt the following methods, it is generally possible to start the atv quickly.1, parked for a few days can not start the knights have some experience, when love foal parked for a few days, start is very difficult, the engine wheezing like cattle to breathe for a while to return to rest, how also can not start.Experienced people naturally try to start the engine with a pushcart start, which may seem easy, but there is a trick to it.First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the reason for failure to start is a circuit problem or some other problem. It is not difficult to tell the difference. Turn the car keys to the [on] position and check the horn and headlight.This is because the battery capacity of the atv is small, parked for a period of time due to continuous self-discharge and resulting in low power, this is not a big deal, as long as the atv started, driving a distance will be sufficient battery.Of course, if the battery has passed the end of its life, after starting still can not charge its normal, should be replaced as soon as possible.In general, in addition to the stepless scooter, other atv can be used to start the engine quickly by pushing the way, the specific method is as follows: first, do a few warm-up exercises to stretch muscles, to avoid overexertion and strain muscles;Then push the all-terrain vehicle out of its parking position and prepare to push toward the road that is at least 10 meters straight ahead.Then check the fuel supply system. Is there enough fuel in the tank?Is the gasoline shape set at the open position?When you're ready, straddle onto an atv and put the gearbox in gear 2 (usually 2 or 3 is the easiest way to start), but when the engine isn't running, gear 2 can be a bit of a hassle.After entering band 2, under the condition of the clutch engagement, hard again will be shaking a few times before and after the all-terrain vehicles, make full use of all terrain vehicle itself will be the weight of the piston ring and cylinder wall lubrication, to reduce the moving resistance, but also can avoid the crankshaft at top dead center or it is hard to start the check point location, helps to start up when the cart.Then, out of the car on the left side of the car body, hands clasped the direction, keep 2 gear, pull the choke point, twisting the car keys to [on] position, left hand to clutch lever, release the clutch, the car slowly forward, when the speed of the car child reaches as high as possible, release the clutch and turn the throttle, engine will answer launched at this time.At the same time, immediately and quickly release the clutch and keep the accelerator, the right forefinger and middle finger control the front brake to stop the car.Put the gearbox in neutral with your right foot, lower the parking bracket, and allow the car to idle for 2-3min before you can start.If you are skilled, push the car forward for 5m to start the engine.2. After turning over, the atv cannot start. It is inevitable for the atv to turn over unexpectedly.However, the missing fuel may accumulate in the intake manifold, and if the engine is forced to start, the spark plug will become soggy and unable to ignite, the engine will not start.At this point, you will smell a strong smell of gasoline, should wait in the 10min time, the throttle to the maximum, let the carburetor butterfly valve open as far as possible, so that too much gasoline volatilization, the engine can be started normally.3. When driving in fog, it is impossible to start long distance driving in fog after self-extinguishing. Due to high air humidity, it is easy to cause poor contact of ignition system, water in fuel supply system and self-extinguishing.The method of self-quick troubleshooting is as follows: (1) ignition system (2) fuel supply system.4. The ignition system (1) and the fuel supply system (2) shall not be started after the automatic shutdown of the hot car.Can't start after 5, accelerated stall (1) when the engine idle speed acceleration, if transition nozzle clogging, especially the vacuum type carburetor in transitional type (CV), mixture is too thin and on its own after flameout, after cleaning the carburetor transition hole can be smoothly start the engine, should be smooth and soft after start up, try to avoid nasty acceleration, man-made transitional malnourished.(2) accelerating self-extinguishing at high speed, the main influencing factors are the high voltage and large current generated by the acceleration at high speed, which lead to the self-extinguishing protection circuit in the stable voltage rectifier acting and self-extinguishing, etc.The former motor can start smoothly after cooling;The latter can be started after replacing the new capacitor provided with the vehicle.However, want to eliminate the fault that speeds up self - extinguishing when high speed completely.Upon arrival at the destination, replace as soon as possible the regulator rectifier with too low flaring protection voltage.

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