After driving drips water how come

Date:Mar 19, 2020

Dripping cars show that the mix ratio is good, the combustion is full, the gasoline is hydrocarbon, the complete combustion after the production of water and carbon dioxide.

Of course, if the exhaust pipe quality is not up to standard, it is a mixed blessing, rust penetration process will be greatly accelerated.But why do some cars drip and others don't?Motorcycle dripping phenomenon, to meet three conditions:

1, the right mix of gasoline and air ratio: this means that your oil supply system is in good condition, whether it is injection oil supply or carburetor oil supply, the mix of oil and gas is just right, which also means that your car is fuel efficient.

2, the engine compression pressure is high: the compression pressure is high, which represents that the cylinder has not worn phenomenon.Once the engine is worn down, the cylinder pressure will be lower, which will cause the gasoline combustion incomplete, incomplete combustion will not drip.

3, the exhaust pipe temperature is low: this means that the heat in your engine is concentrated in the cylinder, only a little or no overflow into the exhaust pipe, so that your engine output horsepower.If the exhaust pipe is hot, the steam will not condense into water.


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