3 car wear parts

Date:Sep 23, 2020

Timing belt

Among the overhauled vehicles coming to the auto repair shop, there will always be individual overhauls caused by the timing belt fracture. Timing belts are not available on every car. Many cars use metal timing chains. Naturally, you don't need to worry about this. However, you should pay more attention to models that use timing belts. The picture below shows the 550 coming to the auto repair factory for overhaul due to a timing belt break. This 550 is more than 70,000 kilometers away, and it is less than 200 kilometers away from 80,000 kilometers. It usually drives well, but suddenly it finds a trailer to tow because it cannot catch fire. At the repair shop, there is no cylinder pressure in the cylinder because the valve is over.

Spark plug

A 70,000-kilometer Polaris at the auto repair shop had never changed its spark plugs before. Until recently, the owner found that the engine sound became very loud, so he thought about visiting the repair shop. In fact, in addition to the louder engine sound, the increase in fuel consumption and the decrease in power of this car should have already occurred. Dismantling the spark plugs of the 4 cylinders one by one, it is easy to observe the ablation, carbon deposition and the enlargement of the ignition gap. After replacing the new spark plugs, the car owner’s direct feeling is that the driving is lighter and the engine noise is also immediate, and the car owner is very satisfied.


Brake pads

Generally, brake pads can be used for 60,000 to 70,000 kilometers, but some cars require special brake pads to drive, so don’t wait for 60,000 to 70,000 kilometers to change. For example, a BMW 3 Series with a distance of more than 70,000 kilometers came to the auto repair shop. The brake pads had been changed before 40,000 kilometers. It ran for less than 40,000 kilometers, and the brake pad sensors were worn out. The brake pads are not changed when they are dragged. For some models, not only the brake pads, but also the brake pad sensors must be replaced, such as this 3 series.

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