Polaris Gasket

Washers are usually metal or plastic. High-quality bolted connections require hardened steel washers to prevent loss of preload due to Brinell hardness after torque is applied. Washers are also important to prevent galvanic corrosion, especially by insulating steel screws from aluminum surfaces.

The gasket is applied inside the motor

In the structure of the armature, there are two places equipped with (Polaris) gaskets at the end without the commutator, which is located between the positioning ring and the cup or the bearing sleeve and the cup, and at the end with the commutator, it is located Between the oil-proof ring and the cup, the main function is the same as the retaining ring, which separates the bearing sleeve from the cup and reduces the friction between the rotor and the cup surface. At the same time, different spacer thicknesses can also be used to adjust the size of the motor's virtual position. In order to reduce the core jump phenomenon caused by vibration, a wave spring washer is often added between the gasket and the gasket without the commutator end, and its elastic deformation is used to adjust the virtual position, buffer and absorb shock.

Principles of motor gasket selection

Heat resistance: At the commutator end, the gasket is close to the oil-proof ring. Therefore, the material must be able to withstand the temperature caused by the friction between the carbon and the commutator, and the heat generated by the friction between the shaft and the cup.

Wear resistance: During the operation of the armature, the gasket and the two cups of surface fixed on the magnetic bottom rubber cover will continue to rub and wear. If the wear resistance of the material is not good, the (Polaris)gasket will be easily damaged and the motor will be reduced. Life.

Low moisture absorption rate: In a high-degree environment, if the material has a high moisture absorption rate and linear expansion occurs, it may jam the armature and cause difficulty in starting the motor.

Spring gasket: good elasticity, fatigue strength, enough toughness, enough wear resistance.

Common materials

Polyester film (Mylar MO) has outstanding mechanical properties and heat resistance. It can adapt to a wide operating temperature range (-70℃-+120℃), and its moisture absorption rate is only 0.45%.

Phenolic Sheet is a high polymer of polar molecules. After curing, it forms a cross-linked network structure. Its thermal stability can reach 3000C, the working temperature is 1200C, and the motor can use this material when the heating value is high. Taking into account that the cloth-based absorption rate is much smaller than the paper-based form.

Nylon (Nylation GS / PA66-MOS2 filled) has high fatigue strength and rigidity, good heat resistance, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, but poor moisture absorption, so it is less used, suitable for temperature <=100 -120℃ in a medium-load dry environment.

The spring (Polaris)gasket is made of beryllium bronze spring steel stainless steel strip, and cold-rolled stainless steel strip is also used in rare cases.

in conclusion

In some special cases, beryllium copper, carbon steel and other metals are also used as raw materials. Among them, beryllium copper is mainly used for toys and other motors that have been rotating at high speed for a long time. Its service life is longer than that of phenolic resin. Carbon steel gaskets are mainly used for In motors with large axial force and frequent forward and reverse rotations, the impact resistance and wear resistance of the gasket are improved, and its service life is extended.


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