Hisun 700 Stator Case Cover Gasket

Hisun 700 Stator case cover gasket belongs to one of the basic mechanical components with precise and complicated structure, and are the key components of engine. Its sealing performance and service life depend on many factors, such as selection, machine accuracy, correct installation and use.

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Hisun 700 stator case cover gasketHS ATV UTV 700 GASKET

According to different working conditions and media properties, Hisun 700 stator case cover gasket includes high temperature and low temperature resistant mechanical seals, high pressure and corrosion resistant mechanical seals, particulate medium mechanical seals, and mechanical seals adapted to light hydrocarbon media that are easily vaporized. 

Fit for:

Hisun 700 ATV UTV Engine

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A professional ATV spare part supplier, who can supply you all kinds of ATV UTV parts fit for various brands, such as CF moto, Hisun, Linhai, Odes, BRP Can am, Polaris, Honda, etc. If you have any need or question, please feel free to contact us. We are here for you.



1.What is the requirement about installing or using it?

(1) The maximum radial runout tolerance of the shaft (or sleeve) where the mechanical seal is installed is not more than 0.04 to 0.06 mm. (2) The axial movement of the rotor does not exceed 0.3mm. (3) The runout tolerance of the positioning end surface of the sealing cavity and the sealing end cover on the surface of the shaft (or sleeve) does not exceed 0.04 to 0.06 mm.

2.What causes the failure?

1. The design and selection of the mechanical seal are incorrect; 2, the quality of the mechanical seal is not good; 3, the accuracy of the machine using or installing the mechanical seal itself cannot meet the requirements;

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