Linhai 500cc Drive ASSY Complete

We can supply Linhai 500cc drive ASSY complete. A driving wheel is a wheel that transmits power from the transmission to the track.

As the name suggests, the driving wheel is active, and the driven wheel is passive.The driving wheel is a wheel that itself can rotate.The driven wheel can also be called a passive wheel. The electric toy cars that children play are the same, there are four-wheel drive vehicles, and there are four-wheel two-wheel drive vehicles. Let's take two-wheel drive vehicles as an example. When the two-wheel drive vehicle is held by hand, the switch is turned on. The non-rotating wheel is driven.

The point of friction on the driving wheel is opposite to the direction of wheel movement, and the point of friction on the driven wheel is the same as the direction of wheel movement

The driving wheel has a ring gear type and a roller type, and more are used. Our Linhai 500cc drive ASSY complete is a roller type.

Linhai 500cc drive ASSY complete

Linhai 500cc drive ASSY complete

Code: 35298

Fit for: Linhai 500cc clutch

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