Can-am CVT Assy

Can-am after market 800 1000 CVT drive and driven pulley clutch assy

Can-am after market 800 1000 CVT drive and driven pulley clutch assy


Can-am clutch



Three-piece clutch: bai includes clutch pressure plate, clutch driven plate, clutch release bearing clutch: zhi


Pressure plate:


The clutch pressure plate is the most important part of the clutch assembly, which directly determines whether the clutch installation is trembling, heavy, and long in use. The clutch pressure plate adopts advanced diaphragm spring manufacturing technology to ensure the best balance between the pressing force and pedaling force of the pressure plate, which greatly reduces the installation rework rate and improves driving comfort.


Driven disc:


The quality of the clutch disc will determine the overall service life of the clutch and the effect of shock absorption and noise reduction. The clutch adopts the fifth-generation friction panel without asbestos, lead, and volatile solvent, which meets the European Ⅴ environmental protection standard. The best suitable hardness guarantees high wear resistance and best comfort.


Release bearing:


The clutch release bearing is an important part of the clutch release system, and its quality determines the separation efficiency of the clutch system and the wear rate of the pressure plate separation fingers. The clutch release bearing is made of engineering plastics, which greatly reduces its own weight and wear on the release fingers.


The clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch assembly is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws. The output shaft of the clutch is the input shaft of the gearbox. During the driving of the car, the driver can step on or release the clutch pedal as needed to temporarily disengage and gradually engage the engine and the transmission to cut off or transmit the power input from the engine to the transmission.


The clutch is a common component in mechanical transmission, which can disconnect or engage the transmission system at any time. The basic requirements are: smooth jointing, quick and complete separation; convenient adjustment and repair; small outline size; small quality; good wear resistance and sufficient heat dissipation capacity; easy and labor-saving operation, commonly used are dental inlay and Two types of friction.


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