Hisun 400 ATV UTV Crankshaft

The main rotating parts of the engine, after the connecting rod is installed, can take up and down (reciprocating) movement of the connecting rod into cyclic (rotating) movement. Hisun 400 ATV UTV crankshaft is an important part of the engine. Its material is made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron. It has two important parts: the main journal, the connecting rod journal, and (among others).

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Hisun 400 ATV CrankshaftHisun 400 UTV Crankshaft


The elliptical wear of the journal is caused by the uneven distribution of the forces acting on the journal along the circumferential direction. When the engine is operating, the combined force on the connecting rod journal always acts on the inside of the connecting rod journal, and the direction is outward along the crankshaft radius, causing the inside of the connecting rod journal to wear the most and form an oval shape. The reason for the conical wear of the connecting rod journal is because the oil passage leading to the connecting rod journal is inclined. When the crankshaft rotates, under the effect of centrifugal force, mechanical impurities in the lubricant accumulate on the connecting rod journal. On one side, the wear of the side journal is accelerated, and the wear of the connecting rod journal is tapered. In addition, the bending of the connecting rod, the non-perpendicular centerline of the cylinder and the crankshaft centerline, etc., will cause the journal to be unevenly stressed in the axial direction, which will cause wear and tear.


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Hisun 400 ATV UTV

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