CFMOTO 500cc Front Right CV Drive Shaft

The transmission shaft is a high-speed, less-supporting rotating body, so its dynamic balance is crucial. Generally, the drive shaft is tested for dynamic balance before leaving the factory, and adjusted on the balancer.

The drive shaft is an important part of the power transmission in the automobile drive train. Its role is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, so that the car generates driving force. For front-engine rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the transmission's rotation is transmitted to the shaft of the main reducer, which can be several sections, and the joints can be connected by universal joints.

The transmission shaft is composed of a shaft tube, an expansion sleeve and a universal joint. The expansion sleeve can automatically adjust the change in the distance between the transmission and the transaxle. The universal joint is to ensure the change of the angle between the two axes of the transmission output shaft and the drive axle input shaft, and to achieve the equal angular speed transmission.

This parts is for CFmoto 500cc.

Part code: 9010-270200-1000



Suit for:

2011-2015 CFmoto 500cc

2015-2016 CFmoto 800cc

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