Polaris 500 Starter Drive Bendix

Polaris 500 Starter Drive Bendix is mainly sintered and ground gyromagnetic and constant magnetism, and is equipped with microstrip inductance, capacitance, resistance, cavity, etc. to form a coupling, resonance, and filter circuit. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, the electromagnetic wave signal has the characteristic of unidirectional transmission. The signal rotates 120 degrees and exits from the output end almost without damage; the external signal enters from the output end, and rotates 120 degrees in the same direction to enter the absorption end and become heat energy dissipated.

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Polaris 500 Starter Drive Bendix is a non-linear anisotropic magnetic substance. Its magnetic permeability changes with the applied magnetic field and is non-linear; when a constant magnetic field is applied, the magnetic permeability to the microwave magnetic field in each direction is also different, that is, it has anisotropy. Due to these characteristics, when electromagnetic waves pass through the ferrite from different directions, it will show a kind of non-reciprocity, thus making various non-reciprocal ferrite components

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Fit for:

Polaris 500 cc

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The minimum quantity is 1 piece

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