Odes Water Impeller

Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 1000 Water impeller

Odes Water impeller


Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 1000 Water impeller


21040114101. Water Impeller.


Fit for: Odes Liangzi LZ 800 1000


Part number: 21040114101

Odes Water impeller Odes 800 Water impeller


The pump impeller is made of cast iron or plastic. The blades on the pump impeller play a main role again. The shape and size of the pump impeller are closely related to the performance of the pump. The pump impeller can be generally divided into two types: single suction type and double suction type. The single suction type impeller is unilateral suction, and the small flow pump impeller is mostly of this type. The double-suction impeller absorbs water on both sides, and the high-flow pump impeller adopts double-suction impeller.


The impeller is the core component of the pump and is the main factor affecting the working efficiency. Under certain working conditions, if the impeller design is not good, hydraulic loss and gap loss will occur at the pump inlet and blade. Water pump impeller manufacturer.


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