Odes Connecting Rod Screw

M8x1 connecting rod screw 21040107821. M8x1 connecting rod screw 21040107821.

Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 Connecting rod screw 8X1


M8x1 connecting rod screw 21040107821. M8x1 connecting rod screw 21040107821.


Fit for: Odes Liangzi LZ 800


Part number: 21040107821

Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 Connecting rod screw 8X1Odes 800 Connecting rod screw 8X1


Odes Connecting rod screw is the fastener that bolt head and screw are connected together, it is necessary to use together with nut.A bolt that secures the split cover of a connecting rod to the end of the connecting rod.In each pair of bearings, generally with two or four connecting rod bolts.The type of bolt varies.In its head is often processed with positioning plane or convex block, in order to install with the bearing support surface embedded, prevent the connecting rod bolt with the rotation when tightening nuts.The diameter of the bolt rod at each section surface of the bearing is large, so that it can be positioned with the bolt hole during assembly.The diameter of the rest bolt body part is smaller than the diameter of the bolt hole, the length is also longer, in order to withstand bending and impact load can reduce the load on the thread part.The thread part is usually fine thread with high precision.In order to prevent the thread connection from loosing, the connecting rod bolt is provided with a permanent anti-loosing device, which is generally open pin, anti-loosing washer and copper plating on the thread surface.The connecting rod bolt often bears the alternating load, which is easy to cause fatigue damage and fracture, which will cause extremely serious consequences.Therefore, it is often made of high quality alloy steel or high quality carbon steel, and after tempering and heat treatment.In management, attention should be paid to check the situation of its tightness, to prevent loosening;Regularly disassemble it to check whether there are cracks and excessive elongation, if necessary, it should be replaced in time.In the installation, to cross, gradually according to the provisions of the pre - tightening force, not too large or too small, in order to avoid the work of connecting rod bolt fracture and other accidents.



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