Odes 800 Valve Spring

Odes 800 Valve Spring

21040101001. Valve Spring

Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 Valve spring


21040101001. Valve Spring


Fit for: Odes Liangzi LZ 800


Part number: 21040101001

Odes 800 Valve springLiangzi 800 Valve spring


Odes 800 Valve spring is to ensure that the valve timely seat and tight fitting, prevent the valve in the engine vibration when the jump, damage its sealing of small tools.The door spring is located between the cylinder head and the spring seat at the end of the valve stem.The function of valve spring is to ensure that when the valve is closed can be closely with the valve seat or valve seat ring, and to overcome the inertia force generated by the valve valve when the valve is open, so that the transmission is always controlled by the CAM and not separated from each other.Valve spring is made of high quality alloy steel wire, and after heat treatment, improve its fatigue strength.In order to avoid spring corrosion, the spring surface should be galvanized, phosphating.The two ends of the spring must be worn flat and perpendicular to the spring axis to prevent the spring from becoming askew during operation.Valve springs are mostly cylindrical coil springs, as shown in the figure.When the operating frequency of the valve spring is equal to or an integer multiple of its natural frequency, the valve spring resonates and increases the probability of fracture.In order to prevent the occurrence of resonance, variable pitch spring can be used, most engines currently use concentric installation of double springs.Inside, outside the two springs of the opposite direction, the stiffness of the outside spring than the inside spring.Double springs can not only prevent resonance, but also shorten the length of the spring.And if one of the springs breaks, the other can continue to work without dropping the valve into the cylinder.


Odes 800 Valve spring original good quality part.


Q1: Can I get a price discount if I order large quantities?

Yes, it depends on your purchasing quantity, more quantity more discount.

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Do you develop new steering rack and pump? You can send us the OE number or of the product you need, we will check if we have them. We also develop new models according to customer’s need; you can contact us for more detail.  

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