Linhai 500cc Timing Chain

We can supply Linhai 500cc timing chain.A timing chain problem may cause the engine to be scrapped.

The main function of the engine timing chain is to drive the engine's air distribution mechanism, so that the engine's intake and exhaust valves are opened or closed at the appropriate time to ensure that the engine cylinder can normally intake and exhaust.

The timing chain was developed from a timing belt.

From the perspective of material and structure: the timing belt has low noise, low transmission resistance, and small transmission inertia, which can improve the power and acceleration performance of the engine and is easy to replace. However, the disadvantages are easy aging, high failure rate, and relatively high cost for the owner. The advantages of the timing chain are that it has a long service life, a low failure rate, and it is not easy to cause the car to break down due to a timing transmission failure. The inertia is also large, fuel consumption is increased, and performance is reduced to some extent. Although the formal structure of the two materials has some advantages and disadvantages with each other, as far as the current development trend is concerned, the timing chain will be used on more engines. I believe that with the continuous improvement of the designer, the use of The cost of car use will also be lower and lower.

Our Linhai 500cc timing chain has good quality to use.

Linhai 500cc timing chain

Linhai 500cc timing chain

Fit for: Linhai 500cc engine

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